Double Target Box For Air Gun Range With Steel

$ 120.00

Double Target Box For Air Gun Range With Steel


The double target box for the Creedmoor Portable Air Gun Range is designed for easy emptying of spent pellets. It provides 100% pellet containment for any pellet passing through the paper target. No more pellets scattered around on the floor after shooting!

The cardboard divider within the target box keeps spent pellets away from the back of the target paper making the target changing neat and clean. An abrasion-resistant steel impact plate with a Brinnel hardness rating of 450 ensures complete absorption of impact with no dimpling effect. A plate that dimples or dents will eventually cause ricochets, which is commonplace for systems using cold-rolled steel impact plates. Our plate exceeds the Marine Corps Range Safety Officer requirement of a Brinnel rating of 360/400.

Target Box Dimensions: 34"x10"x8"

Paper target and arm not included.

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Creedmoor Sports California Proposition 65 Gun Safety

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