Gen 2 UBR Stock Mega Weight System

$ 54.95

Gen 2 UBR Stock Mega Weight System

37oz weight system for the Magpul UBR Gen 2 Stock.

Magpul recently released their UBR Gen2 stock. The changes made to the stock were such that a total redesign of the weight and covers was necessary.

During the redesign Stealth Ballistics took the opportunity to incorporate an enhancement that had been asked for in our initial weight, and made the weight into (3) separate ingots. Each of the ingots weigh approx. 12.4 oz. so it will be much easier to fine tune the system to find the perfect balance. 

The Gen2 weight system uses extended covers to allow the addition of 37oz of weight, right where it is needed. The set includes (2) extended cover plates, (2) assembly bolts, and (3) 12.4 oz. lead ingots.

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