Anschutz 1907 Walnut W/ Aluminum Buttplate 4759

$ 3,395.95

Small bore model 1907 - Target Rifle

Many target shooters prefer this rifle. Many top national and international results were achieved with it. Like all ANSCHUTZ models, the 1907 has been permanently improved. The precise and individually adjustable match trigger and the extremely short locktime allow a precise shot release.

The anatomically perfect stock is equipped with an ANSCHUTZ cheek piece and butt plate adjustment which offers extraordinary adjustment possibilities. The adjustments are easy to find and fast to reproduce. If demanded, the carrier can take also another ANSCHUTZ hook butt plate such as the hook butt plate 2213-8700, as well. as the rubber butt plate 4709 A.

Delivered with
Hand stop 4751, screwdriver, allen key, manual with test target. No sights.

Item No.: 000123

Technical Data
Name: 1907 Walnut with aluminum butt plate 4759
Item No.: 000123
Total length (cm) 116
Weight approx. (kg): 4.8
Name: 5018
Item No.: 001205
Model number: 5018
Type: Two stage trigger
Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm): 23.5
min. Trigger weight (g): 60
max. Trigger weight (g): 490
Cant of the trigger shoe: 11
Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 125
Barreled Action
Name: 1907-U6
Item No.: 201.0990
Identifier: 000131
Barrel: ANSCHUTZ Precision barrel
Caliber: .22 l.r.
Version: right
Rifling (cm): 66
Rifling length (mm): 420
Number of discharges: 8
Barrel length (cm): 66
Length of aiming (cm): 78-82
Length of barreled action (cm): 82
Total length (cm) 82
Weight approx. (kg): 2.5
Name: 1907 Nuss
Item No.: 705.0202
Identifier: 001283
Material: Walnut
Color: dark
Butt plate: Aluminum-butt plate 4759
min. Length of pull (cm): 32.5
max. Length of pull (cm): 38
Total length (cm) 73

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