Anschutz 54.30 Bbl Action Only 25.9" Bbl 22lr

$ 3,549.00

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The small bore Match 54.30 action distinguishes itself by following items:

  • Basis for the new rifle is the well known and reliable ANSCHUTZ Match 54 action.
  • The loading port was moved 30mm rewards and was reduced in size by 18%, resulting in a more rigid receiver.
  • The closer location of the loading port allows for less movement when in position and an overall improvment in shooter ergonomics.
  • To accomodate the closer location of the loading port, the bolt and the firing pin were reduced in length by 30mm.
  • The weight of the firing pin was also reduced, thus resulting in a velocity increase of the firing pin and a shorter lock-time.
  • The overall accuracy has been improved by a newly designed target chamber.
  • Unlike match actions in the past, the new Match 54.30 features a threaded receiver and barrel connection.
  • This change removes stresses in the chamber area and further increases accuracy.
  • The new Match 54.30 can be installed into all available stocks which fit with the ANSCHUTZ round match actions such as the 1907 or 1913.
  • Like other ANSCHUTZ products, the Match 54.30 features a maintenance - friendly and long lasting overall construction.
  • Barrel surface: Bluing

    Technical Data: 

Caliber: .22 l.r.
Rifling (mm): 660
Length of twist (inch): 420
Number of discharges: 8
Barrel handling: blued
Barrel length (mm): 660
Safety: yes
Signal pin: yes
Verison: right
Length of barreled action (mm): 800
Weight (g): 3000
Item No.: 013867
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