Anschutz 9015 Club Air Rifle

$ 2,195.00

The new 9015 barreled action was developed based on the successful ANSCHUTZ 9003 Premium air rifle barreled action. With optimised air pressure control characteristics, a new patented 5065 4K trigger with ball bearings and versatile adjustable trigger blade, a stainless steel barrel unit and the thin, special coated barrel extension, also made of stainless steel, this barreled action will replace all former ANSCHUTZ air rifle barreled actions in the future.


Total length (cm):




107 - 110

Total weight (kg): 3.8
Barreled Action
Caliber: 4.5 mm
Rifling (mm): 420
Length of twist (mm): 480
Number of grooves: 12
Barrel length (mm): 420
Length of the barrel unit (mm): 592
Length of aiming (mm): 620 - 897
Muzzle diameter (mm): 22
Safety: yes
Version: right/left
Length of barreled action (mm): 734 - 844
Weight (g): 2400
Type: Two stage trigger 5065 4K
Version: right
Tilting range (mm): 11
Adjustment of the trigger shoe (mm): 22
Trigger blade: 007434
Color of the trigger shoe: Silver
Trigger weight, adjusted (g): 100
Adjustment of the trigger weight (mm): 30-170
Sight set
Type: Anschutz 6834 Sight Set Rear sight and front sight
Aluminum grooved rail on the lower side: yes
Length of stock (mm): 640
Weight (g): 1600
Clamping piece at the cheek: yes
Stock type:
Butt plate: 4709 A
Material: Laminated wood
Stock color: natural/blue
Stock finish: laquered
Length of pull (mm): 280 - 340
Version: right/left
Butt Plate
Material: Rubber
Adjustable (mm): 65 mm
Weight (g): 210 g
Butt Plate Carrier
Material: Aluminum
Column distance (mm): 30
Column diameter (mm): 12
Length (mm): 77
Weight (g): 90
Cheek piece
Material: Laminated wood
Color: natural/blue

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