Attainment - Book On CD

$ 24.95

Attainment - Book On CD

95% of all winning is accomplished by only 5% of the participants. These are the Elite. In ATTAINMENT, Troy Bassham explains what separates the Elite from the rest and how you can use these differences to allow you to join them. Once you have acquired these elements your life will never be the same. After reading this book your success isn't just possible - It's probable.

"From the moment I was born I have been around elite performers. I grew up having the privilege of knowing some of the best athletes in the world in their respected sports. I didn't just meet Olympic and World Champions, I knew many of these people and learned a lot from them over the years. I can tell you that the best of the best in sport, business, education, and life all have one thing in common. They all think differently from the average person. They follow a different set of guidelines and these guidelines, or elements as I refer to them, are what gives them an advantage over their competition. In life, we are competing in many different areas. How we handling these areas will provide us with an advantage or present a disadvantage in being successful. This book breaks down the twelve elements that separate the elite competitor from the average competitor. My goal is to give you an advantage and share with you how I used these elements to reach important goals. I also have stories from a variety of elite performers that will inspire and influence you in a way that will improve your chances of reaching your goals and becoming the best you can be." -Troy Bassham

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