Berger 30 Cal 185 Gr Juggernaut Target Bullets (100 Ct)

$ 63.95

Berger 30 Cal 185 Gr Juggernaut Target Bullets (100 Ct)

Berger Juggernaut Target Bullets utilize an extended length tangent ogive. The longer nose reduces wind-drift compared to traditional bullet designs, allowing for a higher ballistic coefficient while maintaining an easy-to-tune angle. This results in a bullet profile that easily shoots well out of any rifle. The Juggernaut name is derived from its ability to move from transonic stage to subsonic with little disruption, where most bullets see an accelerated decrease in accuracy at these extreme long ranges. Juggernaut Target Bullets are competition-proven and a favorite amongst today's top Mil/LE professionals, long-range competition shooters, and others for both target and tactical applications. Made with J4 Precision Jackets, Juggernaut Target Bullets like all other Berger Bullets, have exacting tolerance and near perfect construction.


  • Quantity = 100 
  • G7 BC = 0.284
  • G1 BC = 0.555
  • For 1 in 13" Twist or Faster


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