Berger 6.5mm 130 Gr VLD Target Bullets (100 Ct)

$ 64.95

Berger 6.5mm 130 Gr VLD Target Bullets (100 Ct)

The Berger VLD Target Rifle Bullet is one of the flattest shooting Rifle Bullets on the market today. Emulated by all others, the VLD Target Rifle Bullet incoporates a secant ogive design which allows the Rifle Bullet to experience less drag as it travels to the target. This reduced drag is why the VLD shoots flatter, experiences less wind-drift, and has a higher retained velocity than all others. A favorite load technique for the VLD’s is touching the rifling for single-shot applications, although some rifles may prefer as much as .150″ from the rifling. Berger VLD Target Rifle Bullets are extremely popular for competitive long range applications. Built with highly consistent J4 Precision Rifle Bullet jacket, most favored by custom Rifle Bullet makers.

VLD Target Features:

Secant Ogive- Berger VLD (Vey Low Drag) Bullets use a Secant Ogive, which is an aggressive ogive shape that provides a reduced drag factor. The Secant Ogive is proven to be the most efficient shape for external ballistic performance, resulting in flatter shooting with less wind drift.

Consistent Core- Our exacting core manufacturing process is one of the reasons when you buy a box of Berger, you don’t have to worry about sorting by weight. This gives you more reliable drop, consistent BC, and better accuracy.

Boat Tail- Boat Tail bullets provide an aerodynamic advantage at longer ranges over their flat base counterparts, especially while transitioning from transonic to subsonic velocities.

J4 Target Jacket- J4 Precision Bullet Jackets are the #1 choice of custom bullet manufacturers. They are the most consistent and concentric copper jackets in the world holding an unprecedented +/- .0003” tolerance. The most precise jacket produces a Berger bullet with the least amount of dispersion at all ranges.


  • 100ct Part # 26403
  • 100ct Box Weight 1.96
  • 100ct Box Dimensions 3.4 x 3.4 x 1.7
  • Caliber 6.5 mm
  • Bullet Weight 130 Grain
  • Product Line VLD Target
  • G1 BC 0.562
  • G7 BC 0.288
  • G7 Form Factor 0.926
  • Minimum Twist (or faster) 1:8"
  • Ogive Style Secant (VLD)
  • Style Boat Tail
  • Jacket J4 Target Jacket
  • Sectional Density 0.266
  • Bullet Dia. 0.264
  • OAL 1.31
  • Base to Ogive 0.719
  • Nose Length 0.735
  • Bearing Surface 0.445
  • Boat Tail Length 0.223

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