Bore Tech AR-10 Bolt Carrier Cleaning Kit

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Bore Tech AR-10 Bolt Carrier Cleaning Kit

ARs are notorious for collecting powder residue, debris and oil causing operational malfunctions and increase wear on your bolt and bolt carrier. In the past, these areas have been difficult or impossible to properly clean but not anymore! The AR Bolt Carrier Cleaning Kits are designed to provide the necessary, best performing, professional grade tools in a single convenient easy to use kit.

The multipurpose Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool can handle everything from extreme fouling to light cleanings. The frontend of the tool focuses on the stubborn carbon buildup inside of the carrier while the backend focuses on the carbon buildup found on the bolt tail. Two professional cleaning tools in one easy to use, ergonomic handle.

Use the frontend of the Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool to loosen the bulk carbon with the 100% safe Carrier Scraper.  Then loop the provided green cleaning pads through the tool and use them inside the carrier to perfectly clean away any remaining carbon. Dry the carrier following the same steps with the provided patches. The tool also features an incorporated firing pin scraper for removing the fouling under the firing pin retaining ring.

The same detailed cleaning technique is applied to the backend of the Bolt and Carrier Cleaning Tool.  The integrated, 100% safe bolt tail scraper easily removes stubborn carbon fouling. Then follow with the provided green cleaning pads for a perfect cleaning. Finally dry with patches in the same fashion and you are done. It is that easy!


Bolt Carrier Cleaning Tool
Bolt Tail Cleaning Tool
12 - X Count Cotton Patches
5 - Green Cleaning Pads

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