Bore Tech Bolt Action Wiper Only

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Bore Tech Bolt Action Wiper Only

Bore Tech's patent pending Bolt Action Cleaning Tool Wipers are the industry's most innovative and effective method for meticulous cleaning a bolt action rifle's locking lug recess and action.

The action and locking lug recess on a bolt action rifle has a tendency to collect brass shavings, powder residue, debris, bolt lug grease, and solvents. This accumulation of debris can cause operational malfunctions and increase wear on your bolt, bolt lugs, and action. In the past, these areas have been difficult to properly clean/dry and are often neglected. Not anymore!

Our exclusive, patent pending molded rubber wiper eliminates clumsy dental rolls and ineffective felts that fall off, barely clean, and pack full of fouling rending them useless. With the new Bolt Action Wiper simply spike a patch over the rubber wiper and observe how it perfectly conforms to the action walls providing a thorough and complete cleaning in a fraction of the time.

The Bolt Action Wiper fits most popular 2-Lug Centerfire Bolt Action Rifles with 0.695"-0.700" bolt body diameter.

The Universal Wiper fits actions with 3-Lug Bolts and Smaller/Larger bolt body diameters and are easily trimmed to size for a perfect fit.

Are your actions Bore Tech clean???

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care
Proudly made in the USA

Action Cleaning Tool Wipers

Bolt Configuration/Diameter Requirements:

The Bolt Action Wiper fits most popular 2-Lug Centerfire Bolt Action Rifles with 0.695"-0.700" bolt body diameter. Most Remington, Winchester, Ruger, Browning, Savage and Custom Actions have a 0.695"-0.700" bolt body diameter.

The Universal Wiper fits actions with 3-Lug Bolts and Smaller/Larger bolt body diameters such as Weatherby, Sako, Kimber, CZ, etc. and are easily trimmed to size for a perfect fit.

Material: Molded, Solvent Resistant Rubber
Core: Proof Positive Alloy
Threads: Male 8/32

Bore Tech Action Cleaning Tool Wiper Use Instructions

  1. Screw Wiper onto the end of a non-rotating rod.
  2. Center Spike a patch over the tip of the wiper.
    2 1/2" Round Patches are recommended for the Bolt Action Wiper
    2 1/2" Round Patches are recommended for the Universal Wiper unless trimmed smaller.
  3. Next, dampen the patch with Bore Tech C4 Carbon Remover and align the wiper with the action. Insert the aligned wiper into the action and push the rod forward until the lug recess is reached.
  4. Rotate the wiper in the bolt lug recess while lightly pushing against the barrel face and pulling backwards against the action face. Repeat with a damp patch if necessary until clean.
    TIP: Insert the wiper 1-2" into the action and mark the rod & handle at 12 o'clock with a marker. Once finished cleaning and before pulling the wiper out of the lug recess area, rotate the handle so that the mark is showing at 12 o'clock. This perfectly aligns the wiper with the action for trouble-free removal.
  5. Finally, using a clean patch repeat Step 4 until patch come out clean/dry.

Bore Tech Universal Wiper Trimming Instructions

To properly fit the Universal Wiper to your action, please follow the steps below;

  1. Remove the rifle bolt from the action.
  2. Stand the rifle bolt up on top of a piece of paper.
  3. Trace the head of the bolt on the paper.
  4. Cutout the traced outline of the bolt head. DO NOT CUT TOO CLOSE to the traced line. The wiper works best when sized slightly larger than the actual bolt.
  5. Center spike the paper cutout over the Universal Wiper tip and use as a template. Orient the bolt lugs of your template per the illustration below before cutting. Alternatively, use a hole punch to punch a 1/4" hole in the center of the template. Trim the Universal Wiper to size following the paper template.
  6. Repeat the above steps to cut the rear wiper blade to size. Be sure to align the template to the previously cut wiper blade.

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