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Bore Tech Bore Guide


Bore Tech's CENTERFIRE, BOLT ACTION BORE GUIDES precisely align cleaning rods with the rifle bore and prevent damage to both the firearm and cleaning rod making it a necessary tool for proper cleaning and protection of your rifles.

Color-coded for easy caliber identification Bore Tech's Bore Guides fit the most popular centerfire, Remington 700 style, bolt action rifles ranging from .17 to .416 calibers.

Guide Color Caliber Range
Gold .17 - .25 Cal
Red .25 - .308 Cal
Green 8mm - .416 Cal


Bore Tech's Bore Guides feature high precision CNC machined and anodized components providing a lifetime of use. The color-coded solvent ports feature widened openings for easy solvent application and tapered rear access for easy jag/brush alignment.

Additionally, the replaceable and solvent-resistant molded rubber nosecones are soft enough to provide a superior, long-lasting seal and completely prevent cleaners from leaking into the chamber and action areas.

Designed to fit both short and long actions, these guides feature an adjustable bolt collar that firmly locks in place via the threaded brass locking handle.

Don't settle for the cheap plastic imitations. Choose the best... Choose the Bore Tech Bore Guide.

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care
Proudly made in the USA

Centerfire, Bolt Action Bore Guide Use Instructions

1) Remove bolt as per manufacturer's instructions.

2) Loosen the brass bolt collar handle and slide the rubber nosecone (front end) of the Bore Guide through the receiver until seated in the chamber.
*Lightly push on the Bore Guide to seat rubber nosecone in the chamber.

3) Slide the bolt collar forward until the brass handle is aligned with the bolt handle recess. Rotate the brass handle down into the bolt handle recess and tighten against the Bore Guide tube. At this point, the guide should not move forward or backward. 


NOTE: On rifles without a bolt handle recess, it may be necessary to remove the brass locking handle and slide the bolt collar forward until the threaded locking handle hole is visible in the ejection port. Reinsert the brass locking handle and tighten it against the Bore Guide tube to properly lock Bore Guide into action.

4) Position a dry patch of the proper size on a jag and insert the rod/jag into the rear opening of the bore guide until viable in the solvent port.

5) Apply cleaner or oil to the patch and push through the bore.

6) The solvent port may also be used to apply cleaner to brushes.

7) To remove the Bore Guide from the action, loosen and rotate the brass handle up and out of the bolt handle recess. Then pull Bore Guide and bolt collar back away from the chamber and out of the action.

NOTE: For Actions with exposed bolt releases (e.g. Winchester Model 54) loosen the brass handle and leave the bolt collar in position. (The bolt collar depresses the bolt release keeping it from catching on the lip of the rubber nose cone.) While keeping the bolt collar stationary, pull the Bore Guide backward until the rubber nosecone butts up against bolt collar. Then pull both the bolt collar and Bore Guide out together as one assembly.

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