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Bore Tech Patch Guide

Bore Tech's Patented CENTERFIRE, BOLT ACTION PATCH GUIDE features an industry exclusive, hands-free patch spiking system that eliminates the mess and hassle of correctly spiking patches. These guides dramatically simplify and expedite the cleaning process.

Simply lay a patch over the opening on the angled patch plate, wet the patch with cleaner and push your rod down the bore. The angled patch plate effortlessly spikes your patch, eliminating messy cleaners on your hands, gun stock and cleaning bench. The Patch Guide also alleviates the cumbersome patch spiking process on longer cleaning rods.

Each Patch Guide is designed to precisely align the cleaning rod with the rifle's bore eliminating damage to both the firearm and cleaning rod. This is accomplished by the self centering, tapered rubber nose cone in the front and the extended barrel design in the rear of the guide. Simply put, the Patch Guide is a necessary tool for proper cleaning and protection of your rifle.

Additionally, the replaceable and solvent resistant molded rubber nosecones are soft enough to provide a superior, long lasting seal and completely prevent cleaners from leaking into the chamber and action areas.

Designed to fit both short and long actions, these guides feature an adjustable bolt collar that firmly locks in place via the threaded brass locking handle.

All Patch Guides feature high precision CNC machined and anodized aluminum components that will provide a lifetime of use. Each guide is color coded for easy caliber identification and will fit most popular centerfire Remington 700 style, bolt action rifles ranging from .17 to .416 calibers.

Color coded for easy caliber identification Bore Tech's Bore Guides fit most popular centerfire, Remington 700 style, bolt action rifles ranging from .17 to .416 calibers.

Color Caliber
Gold .17 - .25 Cal
Red .25 - .30 Cal
Green 8mm - .416 Cal

Why settle for anything less than perfection? Choose the best... Choose the Bore Tech Patch Guide.

Bore Tech - Redefining Gun Care
Proudly made in the USA

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