Bullseye Mind Book

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Bullseye Mind Book

Bullseye Mind
Mastering the Mental Side of Sport Shooting

Sport shooting demands mental toughness. Having a Bullseye Mind means thinking in ways that create confidence and consistently, especially under pressure. Bullseye Mind is the first mental training book written specifically for sport shooters detailing the foundational principles of mental toughness while also providing expert information and skills sport shooters can use to control their performances. Whether you shoot for pure enjoyment at your local gun club, you're an instructor or coach, a collegiate shooter, or you're an Olympic Champion, this book is an invaluable resource and a must read for all sport shooters.

In addition to expert information from the Dr. Raymond Prior, each chapter concludes with a short contribution written by some of the world's most decorated shooters, instructors, and coaches. End of chapter contributors include:

  • Matt Emmons, 2004 Olympic Gold Medalist and 14-time World Cup Gold Medalist
  • Vincent Hancock, Two-time Olympic Gold Medalist and 2015 USA Shooting Male Athlete of the Year
  • Jamie Corkish, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist and four-time USA Shooting National Champion
  • Morgan Craft, 2015 World Champion and 2015 USA Shooting Female Athlete of the Year
  • Petra Zublasing, 2012 Olympian, 2014 World Champion, and 2014 ISSF Shooter of the Year
  • Nicco Campriani, 2012 Olympic Gold Medalist, 2010 World Champion
  • Brad Balsley, 2015 Pan American Games Gold Medalist, 2014 USA Shooting National Champion
  • Elena Allen, Two-time Olympian and 2005 World Cup Gold Medalist
  • Nick Meyer, Special Operations Unit and Marksman Observer, Bureau of Prisons
  • Dan Hermseir, Five-time NRA First-Team All-American
  • Harry Mullens, Head Coach, 2009 NCAA National Champion University of Kentucky Rifle Team
  • Ryan Tanou, 2005 World Cup Gold Medalist and Head Coach, Ohio State University Rifle Team
  • Dan Jordan, 2004 Paralympic Silver Medalist and Head Coach, 10-time NCAA National Champion University of Alaska Fairbanks Rifle Team
  • Jon Hammond, Two-time Olympian and Head Coach, 18-time NCAA National Championship West Virginia University Rifle Team

About The Author

As one of the country's top peak performance professionals, Dr. Raymond Prior educates athletes and coaches about building mental toughness. With his unique experiences, education, and passion for helping others pursue greatness, Raymond takes a refreshing approach to mental training making it easy to understand and apply for individuals and teams.

Dr. Prior's clients include athletes, teams, and coaches at the professional, Olympic, NCAA, amateur, and club sport levels. He works with professional athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, individual and team National Champions, National Coach of the Year Award winners, individual and team Conference Champions, and countless NCAA All-Americans from a Variety of sports. With a firm commitment to growing sport shooting in its many forms and Raymond continues to provide peak performance training to many college shooters and teams including the 18-time National Champion West Virginia University Rifle team, Olympic level shooters domestically and internationally, and shooters of all levels who want to enjoy shooting more and perform at their best.


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