Creedmoor THE PUCK Multi Tool

$ 14.95

The Puck

A universal brass case prep tool with no equal.

Attach up to four case prep tools that are threaded 8-32 (95% of case prep tools on the market). It encourages a light touch and is more ergonomic to use than most hand tools on the market today.

Quickly rotate the tool to progressively work through your case prep. Set it up with an OD deburr, ID Deburr, Primer Pocket Cleaner, and a crimp cutter and rotate through the tools as you prep.

A handy tool for the range bag, pair the Creedmoor Puck with any brush or pull cord that has an 8-32 thread. Great for detailed cleaning or to act as a pull. Thread on picks for scraping off carbon or getting dirt out of tight spaces.

The Creedmoor Puck is made from 416 Stainless Steel, the same steel that is used in many precision barrels. This grade of stainless is both corrosion resistant and magnetic. Use a magnet to stick one to the side of your reloading press to easily store your prep tools and keep them at your fingertips for quick touch-ups while loading. The diamond knurling makes this tool easy to grip while in use and easy to hold on to.

This patent-pending tool is designed for heavy use and will last a lifetime.

How will you use the puck?