Creedmoor Sports Cleaning Rod Guide 695-284-G

$ 29.95

Creedmoor Sports Cleaning Rod Guide 695-284-G

Creedmoor Sports Centerfire Cleaning Rod Guides (sometimes referred to as bore guides) are designed to specifically fit your rifle's action and the cartridge the rifle is chambered in. We stock over 80 rod guides to fit almost any action, make, model and cartridge up to .338" caliber. Our centerfire rod guides feature an integral solvent port and, most importantly, an o-ring snout to seal the chamber, preventing solvents from leaking back into your action and carrying debris into your trigger group.

To find the perfect Creedmoor Sports cleaning rod guide for your rifle, Click here for an interactive compatibility chart, or use our filters on the left browser menu to find your action, make and model and then select the cartridge of your rifle chamber. If you don't see your action listed or your cartridge (.172" caliber to .338" caliber), please call and ask for technical assistance.

  • Note: If you can't find your action, measure the diameter of your bolt approximately two inches behind the lugs with a good set of calipers. Ensure that this point is the major diameter of the bolt body.
  • Call us at (800)-273-3366 if you can't find your action or cartridge. Please have the make and model of your rifle's action, your cartridge and preferably the bolt diameter measurement when calling.
  • Some cartridge designs do not permit the use of an o-ring type rod guide.


  • Machined at Creedmoor Sports from solvent resistant Delrin that holds up to the harsh solvents used in the cleaning operation but soft enough not to damage your action.
  • Machined to fit specific rifle actions - they need to fit loose enough to slide into your action but tight enough not to move when the snout is pushed into the back of the chamber.
  • O-ring snout to snugly fit into the back of the barrel's chamber, preventing solvents from seeping back into the action and down into the trigger group.
  • Integral solvent port allowing you to apply solvent to a brush, patch, or mop as it enters the rod guide. This minimizes the drips onto your stock and keeps solvent off your hands.
  • The hole in the center of the Creedmoor Sports rod guide is drilled small enough to minimize side to side movement of the cleaning rod but large enough so the brush bristles have room to reverse direction when pulled back through the bore.
  • Our rod guides are long enough to clear the objective of most scopes in normal position, so your hand doesn't bump the objective.
  • Coned entry point allowing easing funneling of the brush, jag, or mop into the rod guide.


  • Remove your bolt. Insert cleaning rod guide into the back of the action and push it forward until you feel the snout pushing into the chamber. It won't go any further. Solvent port should be facing up.
  • Insert the tip of the patch jag, mop, or brush into the back of the rod guide moving it forward until it appears in the solvent port. Apply solvent and clean as per your normal procedure.

Tech Tips:

  • Use a cleaning rod that is long enough to allow the brush to completely exit the bore at the muzzle end but not too much longer as this can make the rod difficult to use and flexes more, especially on rods designed for .224" caliber to 6mm bores. Measure your barrel length from the muzzle end to where it connects with your action and add the length of your cleaning rod guide to determine the proper rod length. Add a couple of extra inches when in doubt.
  • For rifles with high cheek pieces, we usually use a longer cleaning rod to avoid lifting the handle to clear the cheek piece or bumping the stock.
  • We strongly recommend using a coated cleaning rod over other choices. Just our personal preference.
  • Wipe down the cleaning rod guide after every use to remove grease and debris that accumulates in your action from firing.
  • Frequently wipe down the cleaning rods while using it as they pick up loosened debris as they go through the bore.
  • Use a Creedmoor Sports Stock Protector to cover your stock while cleaning to minimize solvents from attacking finish.
  • Replace brushes when you feel the brush isn't as tight as it was when new (judgement call on your part). You'll know it when it happens!
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