Creedmoor 100 Rd Roll Up Ammo Mat

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Creedmoor 100 Rd Roll Up Ammo Mat

The Creedmoor 100 Round roll up ammo mat is a convenient way to single load rounds off the bench or off the ground. The roll up mat has 4 rows of 25 elastic loops and nylon strips to secure and protect the bullets. The roll up ammo mat is sized to fit behind the bipod of the rifle and in front of the shooter while in prone on most rifles. The roll up ammo mat is perfect for long range shooters or hand loaders to test new loads. It is an easy way to keep separate loads organized. This is a great long-term solution for taking ammo to the range over bulky plastic boxes. The back of the mat is made with a sturdy non-slip rubber to hold it in place while loading. Two heavy duty nylon straps secure the roll when transporting and a center strap with heavy-duty Velcro for extra security. A heavy-duty carry handle on the top perfectly balances the roll when fully loaded to make carrying it easy.

The loops are made for 30 cal or alike cartridges. Overall case length should not exceed 3.5 inches. You can choose any color 1000 denier Cardura that we offer.

Made to order may take 15-20 days to ship.


  • 18.5 x 17 rolled out
  • 3 x 3 x 17 rolled up

Creedmoor Sports California Proposition 65 Gun Safety

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