Creedmoor Comb Cover

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Tired of damaging your rifle stock with all those harsh cleaning solvents? What about the scuffs your cleaning rod handle leaves behind? Well here's the fix! The NEW Creedmoor Comb Cover! While cleaning your rifle, accidental spills from those aggressive solvents can fall down onto your stock which can ruin the finish or even worse, damage the stock completely. It also eliminates the possibility of placing your cheek on a solvent covered stock.

But wait! Our Comb Cover isn't just for cleaning; it can be used for added protection during traveling or even for a little piece of mind going in and out your gun safe. The Cover is handmade from a quilted broadcloth material that is poly filled and lined with a nylon pack liner to protect your firearms from any abuse that can accrue during cleaning.

The Creedmoor Comb Cover is fully adjustable to accept all rifles and comes in either blue, black, or red. For use, simply undo the piece of heavy duty Velcro on the side of the cover and slide it over the end of the rifle butt stock. Attach the Velcro strap and you're good to go. We also made our Comb Cover machine washable, just-in-case but always let air dry.  

Dimensions: 8 1/4" x 16"

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