Creedmoor Lightweight Adjustable Bag

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Creedmoor Lightweight Adjustable Bag

The Creedmoor Lightweight Adjustable Bag is an incredibly versatile bag. The ability to attach the bag to the forend of the rifle makes for a convenient shooting platform on any surface. Shooting off of a bench or off of irregular objects, as often seen in competitions, is easy with the Lightweight Adjustable Bag. The entire bag only weighs 13.5 oz. With a durable velcro strap the bag will attach to any rifle in seconds. It also has user adjustable fill level. The Lightweight Adjustable Bag also is height adjustable. Straps have been attached to the bag with cam buckles for quick and easy height adjustment. With the straps loose, the bag can go all the way down to 1.5 inches. With the straps cinched all the way up, the bag will sit a fat 5.5 inches tall. With non-slip rubber on the top and bottom of the bag, it will grip the rifle and the shooting surface. The Creedmoor Lightweight Adjustable Bag is the perfect portable shooting platform for your rifle.


  • Made with Cordura for ultra long lasting durability
  • Lightweight only weighing 13.5 oz
  • Quick attach to any rifle
  • Quick height adjustment with durable straps
  • Rubber on the top and bottom for the maximum grip
  • User adjustable full level
  • Velcro: 2 piece 1.5" wide
  • Filler: Cork

Made in USA here in Alabama


8" x 8" with adjustable height from 1.5" to 5.5"

Color: Custom Color Combinations Available

This item is made when ordered. Product can take 7-10 days to ship.

Creedmoor Sports California Proposition 65 Gun Safety

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