Creedmoor Sports M1 Garand / M1A Premium Rifle Case

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Creedmoor M1 Garand / M1A Premium Rifle Case

M1 Garand

The M1 Garand was the rifle that won WWII. The M1 Garand will be forever American and in American tradition. The M1 was the first standard-issue semi-auto rifle for the U.S. military. With its 8-round clip, it was very effective in the right hands. The potent 30-06 cartridge was a staple for the American forces. Skip forward about 70 years, the M1 is still being used in competition and some hunting. Protecting your M1 from rain and scratches should be a priority. The Creedmoor Premium Rifle Case is a perfect mate for the M1.

The soft case is precision-cut to fit the M1 securely. With a generous 1/2 inch open-cell foam protecting both sides of the rifle, you will know it will be in the same condition that you left it in the case. The open cell padding folds for easy storage when not in use. The inside of the case is lined with a microfleece for a long case life. To keep the rifle from shifting during transport, the case includes a microfleece muzzle cap along with three Velcro straps. The case is closed with a heavy-duty double zipper pull for extended zipper life.

The outside of the case is built with a weather-resistant Cordura shell. The case includes a pouch with slots for 5 clips to sit in. To carry the case, you have two options, a carry handle, and an adjustable shoulder strap. A loop is included at the muzzle end of the case for easy storage if you choose to hang the case. The M1 Garand rifle is one of the rifles we have earned our independence with so protect yours with a Creedmoor Premium soft case, a truly American-made case. Built-in Alabama with American pride.


This item is made in-house at the time of ordering and may take 45 days to complete.


Key Features:

  • Embroidered patch on the muzzle end that reads M1
  • 1/2 inch open-cell foam padding
  • Lined with microfleece
  • Double Zipper pull with a heavy-duty zipper
  • Microfleece muzzle cap and 3 velcro straps
  • Pouch with 5 slots for clips. Cases made for the M1A will not have the webbing for the M1 clips. The M1A mags will just slide into the pouch.
  • Gun book pocket included on the inside of the case
  • Carry handles and adjustable shoulder strap
  • Weather-resistant Cordura shell
  • This case will fit the M1 Garand
  • Made for the 24 inch barrel length
  • Built to order.

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