Creedmoor Quad Fold Shooting Mat

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Creedmoor Quad Fold Shooting Mat

This item is hand made at our Alabama facility and can take 14-20 business days to be shipped.

Great for High Power, Smallbore, Air Rifle, and Casual Shooting!

This style of mat has been popularized by smallbore and 3-position air rifle competitors all over the world and is now provided with more features than other $150+ mats and with the quality you would expect from Creedmoor Sports.

There are two layers of 1/2" polyethelyne foam which provides an extremely comfortable and stable base for your elbows and one layer for your knees, and hips. The Quadmat has a waterproof vinyl bottom and a durable top. The combination of these materials makes for an extremely comfortable and durable mat.

If you feel the need to add or subtract cushion on the front panel for your elbows, there is a zipper which allows you to modify the most crucial panel of the mat.

The high quality rubber on the front panel and a portion of the 2nd panel extends completely across the mat. It securely locks your position in place and is much more comfortable on the elbows if you are shooting without a coat than the over-textured rubber found on other mats.

The Quadmat's rigid design prevents curling, bunching up, and allows it to be easily stored when folded.

When folded, the Quadmat turns into a 2 1/2" X 19" X 29" cushion. It can fit right ontop of your gear in your suitcase or flat on the bottom of the trunk in your car.

Worried about how you will transport it on your cart? Not a problem! Just loop the handles on your cart and it fits nice and flat with whatever cart you use.

It can also function as a tempory gear bag by tossing your gear into the center fold of the mat and bring everything you need to the line by utilizing the sturdy exterior handles.

Dimensions 29" X 79" X 1/2" (1" on front panels)

Creedmoor Sports California Proposition 65 Gun Safety


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