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Creedmoor Shooting Sweater

This isn't like your grandma's sweater. It's designed specifically for shooters to wear under their coats. The zipper can be unzipped from the bottom to alleviate pressure on your stomach in prone, sitting, or kneeling. The sweater material breathes well to keep you cool, while still having an extra layer of material to limit pulse, fill in excess room in your coat, and keep your coat from getting drenched in sweat. The elbows are also padded to make prone more comfortable.

  • Available in small through 2XL sizes
  • Fits Men and Women
  • ISSF legal.
  • Made from a 50% cotton, 50% polyacryl knit material

Creedmoor Sports California Proposition 65 Gun Safety

Serena Juchnowski
Junior Shooters Magazine
13 July 2017

A good shooting sweater is an absolute necessity in high power. Some shooters opt to wear a hooded sweatshirt underneath their shooting coat, but I much prefer Creedmoor's shooting sweater. A sweater is traditionally worn underneath a high power coat to provide extra stability and to also keep the coat clean. One cannot just throw a shooting jacket in the washer. A shooting sweater keeps the inside of the coat from getting sweaty and dirty as it can be washed or replaced after a time much less expensively than a coat can.

The Creedmoor shooting sweater is not so tight that it is uncomfortable but not loose enough to bunch up around the shoulders and cause a breakdown in position. I especially like that it zips. This makes it much faster to take on and off between yard lines and relays on the firing line. I also do not have to remove my hat, glasses, and earmuffs to put my coat on, as I had done previously with a pullover sweater. I cannot say enough about what a convenience this is. Its value was proven during the 2017 CMP Cup Series at Camp Perry. I could have my sweatshirt on and slip my coat on over it when I was called to the firing line. This saved time and kept me cooler as I could zip the sweatshirt while another relay was shooting and not have to worry about removing my ear and eye protection to do so. I highly recommend the Creedmoor Shooting Sweater to any high power shooter, especially those who desire something they can zip up and down, even if they do not own a Creedmoor coat.

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