Creedmoor Sports Bullet Sorting Tray

$ 44.95

Creedmoor Sports Bullet Sorting Tray    

This tray comes with 5 stations and offers a neat and convenient way to sort and label your bullets or brass based on weight, base to ogive or other discerning characteristics.

The old way of sorting bullets involves easy-to-spill old yogurt containers or paper cups that are easy to get mixed up. We're always looking for ways to improve our reloading process and this just seemed like an obvious solution to a common problem.


  • Five 304 stainless steel cups large enough to hold 200+ .223 bullets, or 50+ 200 gr .308 bullets
  • Five acrylic tags allows the user to write on the tags the weight or the measurement that each cup represents (ex, +.2, +1, 0, -.1, -2, Reject).
  • One dry erase marker for labeling the acrylic tags.


  • Bowl: 3.5" x 2" weighs .07 lb
  • Tray: 18" x 4" x 0.75" weighs 1.43 lb
  • Total weight 2.32 lb
  • Box Dimension 4" x 4" x 19"