Creedmoor Sports Doorstop Tripod Leg Rest Bag


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Creedmoor Sports Doorstop Tripod Leg Rest Bag    

The Creedmoor Sports Doorstop Tripod Leg Rest Bag attaches to your rifle with a Velcro strap and stabilizes the rear of the stock against your tripod. By having the bag attached to your rifle, all you need to worry about bringing to the line is your gun and your tripod. The triangle shape matches the angle of the tripod leg so you can avoid canting your rifle outward when holding it to the tripod. The rubber exterior helps to prevent slippage with a minimal amount of pressure against the leg.

Material: 600 D Cordura and Non-Slip Rubber

Fill: Plastic Beads Bag Fill

Weight: Approximately .8lbs

Dimensions: 3"x7"x8"

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