Creedmoor Sports Lyman All-American Turret Press Upgrade Kit

$ 19.95

Creedmoor Lyman All-American Turret Press Upgrade Kit

Millions of rounds have been loaded on turret presses. Knowing their popularity with handloaders, we set out to make what is already an excellent press even better. We started with the spring and ball detent to see if a stiffer spring and enhanced ball would improve lockup. Sure enough, it did. We also added Teflon and a brass shim to the top of the casting. Now, instead of scraping metal on metal, the head glides smoothly over the casting, greatly improving the feel of the press.

PFTE, also known as Teflon, is a tough and slippery composite that will last many thousands of rounds of loading. The pads are roughly .005in thick and do not disturb the precise alignment of the press head. The brass shim allows the factory bushing to ride on a rigid surface, maintaining precise height alignment with the press head.

Installing this kit will give an old press that brand new feel.

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