Creedmoor Sports Mirage Band

$ 29.95

Creedmoor Sports Mirage Band

Introducing the Creedmoor Sports Mirage Band – Your Solution for Crystal-Clear Shooting!
Say goodbye to mirage interference and hello to precision with our Mirage Band.
Our Mirage Band is a simple yet effective accessory that every serious shooter should have. This elastic band easily attaches to the front and rear sights of your rifle, covering the barrel to eliminate mirage.

What does that mean for you? It means a crystal-clear sight picture, even in the heat of competition. No more distortion, no more frustration. Just you, your rifle, and a perfect shot.

Why choose Creedmoor Sports Mirage Band?

  • Easy to attach and use
  • Eliminates mirage for a clear sight picture
  • Take your accuracy to the next level


  • Approximately 22 3/4" long
  • Stretched length approximately 34 1/2" long
  • Made of black elastic
  • Comes with 2 black pull chains

Don't let mirage hold you back. Upgrade your shooting experience with the Creedmoor Sports Mirage Band today and start hitting your target with precision like never before. Get ready to take aim and fire with confidence!