Creedmoor Sports Unbelieve-A-Bowl

$ 24.95

Creedmoor Sports Stainless Steel Unbelieve-A-Bowl 

It is the little things that can make an enjoyable hobby into a great one! When we noticed that sometimes little 223 cal bullets can be a challenge to pick out of a square bottom box with our fat fingers, we decided to do something about it. Introducing the bullet bowl, a stainless-steel bowl with a hemi-spherical bottom, that makes picking even .17 cal bullets breeze. Large enough to hold well over 500 .223 and 150 .308 cal bullets for those extended reloading sessions.

This multi-use bowl is equally at home on the reloading bench or in the field with a rubber nonslip bottom and classy style, you'll forget your bullet picking troubles! Use it for bullets, small screws or anything else that you might have a hard time picking up.


  • Hemispherical Bottom
  • Double Walled Stainless-Steel Construction
  • Non-Slip Bottom


  • Dimensions 4.5x2.75in
  • Made in China, Assembled and Finished in USA