Creedmoor Sports Tweezer Pack

$ 24.95

Creedmoor Sports Tweezer Pack

Introducing the Creedmoor Sports Tweezer Pack - the ultimate toolset for precision reloaders. When you want the utmost precision, sometimes you must fish out a kernel of powder to get the scale to read dead on. We have been there. That’s why we took the time to find the best tool to make things easier on you, the reloader. This pack includes six different tweezers, each equipped with an ultra-hard ceramic tip. Unlike steel or plastic tips that flex under pressure, these ceramic tips remain rigid, requiring less force to pick up and securely hold a kernel of powder.

Not every tweezer works the best for every powder, or circumstance, therefore we selected the six different styles that we have found to be the most useful. Keep these tweezers clean in the provided zip-up case. Stop using your fingers or those cheap stainless tweezers and give these a try; you won’t regret it.

Pack Includes:

  • 45 Degree Tip Tweezer
  • 90 Degree Tip Tweezer
  • .100 Tip Tweezer
  • .085 Tip Tweezer
  • .070 Tip Tweezer
  • .050 Tip Tweezer
  • Zip-Up Storage Case

For optimal performance, we recommend using these tweezers exclusively for powder handling. Avoid touching the white ceramic jaws with your fingers, as even the slightest oil residue can cause powder to stick. If cleaning becomes necessary, use isopropyl alcohol or lens wipes. The solvent will evaporate without leaving any residue behind.Upgrade your powder handling process with the Creedmoor Tweezer Pack and experience unparalleled precision and ease.