Creedmoor Vintage Sniper Rest Bag

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Creedmoor New Vintage Sniper Rest Bag

The Creedmoor New Vintage Sniper Rest Bag is the perfect way to get a solid rest for your rifle off a bench or prone. You can mold the bag around your rifle to get a very steady sight picture and repeatable position. The sides are made from Cordura and the tops and bottoms are both made from grippy rubber. You can customize your bag to fit your style. Pick the Cordura color and the rubber color.

Key features:

  • Size 15x11x7.5
  • Stackable for extra height
  • Custom colors
  • Rubber tops and bottoms
  • Water-resistant
  • User-adjustable fill level
  • Extreme durability

Ships unfilled. See BEAD1 for filling. May take up to 5 units of BEAD1 to full this bag. It's best to source your own fill locally to save on cost and shipping.
Made in Anniston, AL. Handmade to order, may take up to 10 days to ship.

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