Creedmoor Wall Coat Hanger

$ 49.95

Creedmoor Wall Coat Hanger

The Creedmoor Heavy Coat Hanger is the most thorough way to dry out your Creedmoor shooting coat after a sweaty but successful day of competition! The lightweight yet sturdy polymer material allows the hanger to support the heaviest coats while not remaining an excessive chore for mounting to the wall, preferably through a stud for the most secured and preferred method to ensure coat hangs vertically as intended. The kit comes with the necessary mounting equipment: 16 machine screws for assembly, 2 long, drywall screws for mounting, one allen key to aid in assembly, 2 hanger supports, 1 hanger, and 1 base. Follow the included assembly instructions and you'll be ready to mount in five minutes!

  • Weight 3 pounds
  • Width 18.75"
  • Height 7.5"
  • Distance from the wall when mounted is 4"
  • Color Black

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