Creedmoor Sports Inverted Know Your Limits (KYL) Target

$ 89.95

Creedmoor Sports Inverted Know Your Limits (KYL) Target

Designed by the team at Creedmoor Sports to make precision rifle training fun while presenting a challenge, the Inverted Know Your Limits target will test even the most skilled shooter.  Shooters can engage each of the 7 circles in the target, which range from 2.0" to 0.5" in diameter, and test their ability to keep shots going cleanly through each hole.  Failure to go through the circle or an edge shot are easily identified visually and by the wonderful "ping" this target makes.


Constructed from laser-cut 3/8" AR500 Plate, this target can handle both rimfire and centerfire rifle cartridges.  Each plate is powder coated white from the factory to help the original finish last as long as possible. 


  • Overall Plate: 18" x 6"
  • Mounting Holes:  4 Each, 0.68" (11/16")
  • Target Holes:
    • 2.00"
    • 1.75"
    • 1.50"
    • 1.25"
    • 1.00"
    • 0.75"
    • 0.50"


Each target is supplied with two coated S-Hooks for hanging on your target stand.  Chain, rubber straps, or similar mounting methods may be used as well.  Mounting holes allow for mounting vertically or horizontally. 


Target is rated for all rimfire, centerfire handgun, and centerfire rifle (.30 Caliber and below) cartridges up 2,900 FPS upon impact at the target.  Target is suited for cartidges such as .22 LR, 9x19mm, 45 ACP, .223 Remington, 6mm Creedmoor, 6.5mm Creedmoor, .308, and similar.

Minimum Safety Distance:

  • Rimfire and Centerfire Pistol: 25 Yards
  • Centerfire Rifle: 100 Yards

For maximum target life and safety it is recommended that the target be mounted in such a way to allow it to swing when impacted. 

Creedmoor Sports emphasizes that shooters should exercise proper precautions when shooting steel targets and ensure targets are engaged at a safe distance, with a safe mounting method, and wear eye and hearing protection at all times.