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Davidson Bullet Puller
If we reload, we all at sometime face the task of having to disassemble cartridges or pull bullets. The Davidson Bullet Puller is unlike any bullet puller that you have used before. It is a very efficient and easy to use bullet puller. It is designed to use on soft seated bullets and will not work on crimped or tightly seated bullets. 
This tool does a great job on not damaging the bullet so you can reuse these expensive commodities. This tool is used with your reloading press and uses the leverage of the press to remove the bullet from the loaded cartridge. Extremely fast way to pull bullets.
Davidson has been around for many, many years and trace their roots back to competitive benchrest (Alvin Davidson). They have been making benchrest tools and gunsmithing items for years.


  • Davidson plier style bullet puller
  • Available in two models: 
     1) .22 cal, 6mm and .30 cal
     2) .25 cal., 6.5/7mm, and .30 cal
  • Solid billet aluminum construction
  • Made in the USA


  • Insert cartridge into shellholder on reloading press
  • No die should be in the threaded portion
  • Raise ram until bullet protrudes through press opening
  • Lay bullet puller flat with bullet inserted into the appropriate sized hole for that caliber
  • Pinch bullet just above the case neck and close the pliers firmly
  • Using the leverage of the press with the pliers held flat to the top of the press, the bullet should extract from the case.
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