Dillon CM-2000 Separator

$ 139.95

Dillon CM-2000 Separator

After Dillon sold thousands of their famous first-generation FL-2000 case cleaners, customers who had purchased them began asking us to address the problem of separating the cleaned and polished brass from the cleaning media.

Dillon knew from the beginning that the simplest method of separating would be a rotating cage, but they had to find a design we could manufacture economically. The problem was that it had to be BIG -- big enough to handle the entire load of the FL-2000-series case cleaners. The solution was an injection molded reversible part. It's simple, and it works great.

The CM-2000 Case/Media Separator is large, 10" x 14", and will hold more than 1,600 .38 Special cases. It sits on a large media collection tub that measures 18" x 22". The tub keeps the mess off the floor and bench. It's fast, so fast it will remove media from 1500 rounds of .223 brass in a matter of seconds.

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