Eley 22 LR Contact Ammo

$ 6.95

ELEY contact is a subsonic semi-automatic .22LR round designed to deliver extreme accuracy and improved knock-down performance with a softer sound and minimal recoil.

The reduced recoil delivers quicker sight picture recovery important for the competitive semi-automatic shooter.

Both ELEY force and ELEY contact are engineered with a heavier 42 grain bullet for high energy and are coated in a specially formulated paraffin wax to minimise build-up in actions and magazines.

key features

  • Subsonic
  • Designed specifically for .22LR semi-auto firearms
  • Excellent cycling
  • Superb accuracy with less recoil than other semi-auto cartridges for quick sight picture recovery
  • Quieter than other .22LR semi-auto cartridges

designed for

  • High level competitive semi-automatic shooters

 used for

  • Competitive semi-automatic rifle


  • .22LR semi-automatic rifle

bullet profile Round nose

cartridge length 25.4mm / 1inch

bullet weight 2.7grams / 42grains


  • Muzzle : 332m/s (1090ft/s)
  • 25m (27yds) : 319m/s (1046ft/s)
  • 50m (55yds) : 308m/s (1009ft/s)
  • 91m (100yds) : 292m/s (958ft/s)


  • Muzzle = 15.2 (Kg.m) / 109.9 (ft.lb)
  • 25m / 27yds = 14.0 (Kg.m) / 101.3 (ft.lb)
  • 50m / 55yds = 13.1 (Kg.m) / 94.8 (ft.lb)
  • 91m / 100yds = 11.7 (Kg.m) / 84.6 (ft.lb)

lubricant Paraffin wax

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