Fix It Sticks 18 in/lb Torque Limiter

$ 37.95

Fix It Sticks 18 in/lb Torque Limiter

Fix It Sticks were the brainchild of Brian Davis, an avid cyclist who became frustrated with the common multi-tools he carried in his pocket.

After experimenting with numerous tools, he found they all had the same problems compact tools gave you no leverage, and tools that gave you leverage were not compact enough. He figured there had to be a better way.

Numerous sketches, prototypes, and manufactured parts later - the Fix It Stick was born!

Miniature Torque Limiter prevents over-tightening of fasteners

When 18 Inch Lbs is reached:

  • Audible "Click" is heard.
  • Limiter "spins" preventing further torque from being applied.


  • Accepts any standard 1/4" bit
  • Fits into any standard 1/4" driver
  •  +/- 6% Accuracy
  • Retains accuracy for 20,000 cycles Integrates perfectly with Fix It Sticks Replaceable Edition for field / travel use.
  • Integrates perfectly with T-Way Wrench for shop use