Creedmoor Sports Bag For ARCA Mounted Plate


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Creedmoor Sports Bag for the ARCA Mounted PRS Plate

Step up your shooting accuracy with the Creedmoor Sports Bag, expertly designed for the Creedmoor Sports ARCA Mounted PRS Plate. Tailored to offer unmatched stability and support, this bag is an essential companion for every PRS enthusiast aiming for precision.

Features & Benefits:

  • Durable Construction: Made from high-quality 600 denier cordura, the bag promises resilience and longevity, standing up to rigorous shooting competitions.
  • Anti-Slip Design: Equipped with anti-slip rubber on both the top and bottom, the bag ensures your rifle remains steadfast, delivering consistent shots every time.
  • Customizable Fill: Choose how you want your bag - we can ship it empty, packed with 5 pounds of regular sand, or fortified with 8 pounds of Spex-Lite Heavy Sand. Tailor the bag's weight to your shooting preference.
  • Easy Fill Adjustment: With a handy fill port, adjusting the amount of sand or other filling material becomes a breeze, letting you fine-tune your shooting base with ease.
  • Secure Attachment: Four robust nylon straps are meticulously designed to attach the bag firmly to the ARCA Plate, ensuring it stays in place even in the most challenging of competition stages.
  • Proudly Made in the USA: Embodying top-tier American craftsmanship, this Creedmoor Sports Bag guarantees unmatched quality and performance.
  • Dimensions:  5.5" wide, 7.5" long, and 2" high

Upgrade Your Setup Now! Add the Creedmoor Sports Bag to your cart and feel the difference in stability and precision with every shot.