Forster Co-Ax XL Press

$1,730.00 $ 1,195.00

Forster Co-Ax XL Press

The Co-Ax XL is made to accept 1" 1/4" Dies as well as 7/8" dies (adaptor lock ring required (2) included with the press). The Press was designed with ELR Shooters in mind and is built with the same float advantage, quick die change and precision of the standard Co-Ax.

What is different:

  • Accepts both 1 1/4" and 7/8" Dies
  • Made from a steel weldment as opposed to Cast Iron
  • Accepts a wider range of calibers
  • No priming system
  • A light has been added
  • Ball bearings in the handle-frame connection

What is the same:

  • Spent primer catch system
  • Quick die change
  • Floating jaw system
  • Mechanical advantage

The steel weldment and 13" handle give it unrivaled rigidity and leverage. The addition of ball bearings to the handle improves operation and makes for one of the smoothest reloading experiences ever. If doing something that does not require as much leverage, our Short Handle will adapt into this press.