Forster Original Case Trimmer

$ 74.95

Forster Original Case Trimmer

Original Case Trimmer - the old standby for most calibers!

  • Trims most standard calibers from 0.171"" to 0.459"" - fits from 5.7 x 28 all the way to 45-70
  • Includes both coarse and fine trim length adjustments that will maintain 0.001"" repeatability
  • 0.490"" diameter Cutter Shaft (17 cal. Cutter Shaft required for 17 cal.)
  • 5.375"" long Base
  • Accommodates all six case trimmer accessories
  • Plus, Forster manufactures the only Case Trimmer that holds the case in a Brown & Sharpe-type collet - keeping your trimming depth consistent, even when the rim diameter varies

The Original Case Trimmer requires a Collet and Pilot for each case, ordered separately.