Triebel Full Length Sizing Die 50 BMG

$ 434.95

Triebel 50 BMG Sizing Die for Reloading


The Triebel 50 BMG Sizing Die comes in a 1 1/2" size diameter. 

The Triebel 50 BMG Sizing Die is used to size the cartridge case on full-length. In addition to a removable expander, our FL dies have an integrated primer ejector pin. All used spindles, the expander, and the ejector pin can be replaced easily, if necessary, with just little effort.

Sizing takes place when the cartridge case is pushed into the die. The neck of the case is calibrated from the inside when it is moved out of the die. This will form the cartridge case and achieves a correct neck tension.

The position of the die in the press is set with the lock nut. All relevant components have an article number for easy reordering if necessary.
You will find further instructions and assistance in selecting accessories and spare parts in the manual.

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