Giraud Power Case Trimmer 220v

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Giraud Power Case Trimmer - complete power trimmer for trimming to length and chamfering high power rifle cartridge cases.

The Giraud Trimmer  is a dedicated tool designed for the highpower shooter who reloads his own ammunition.  The trimmer allows a reloader to maintain their required volume of prepped cases in a timely manner.  Constructed out of 6061-T6 aluminum and 303 stainless steel, the trimmer is designed to outlast a lifetime.  Truly a precision tool.

Key Benefits

  • The power to drive the trimmer comes from a totally enclosed fan cooled 1/8 horsepower 120VAC motor.  220V 50Hz motor option available.


  • The trimmer is designed for volume usage, high quality ball bearings support both the motor and the trimmer shaft, not cheap bronze bushings.


  • The trimmer comes with a retained clear LEXAN chip guard.  This prevents brass shavings from flying around, won't get misplaced or lost, and lets you safely observe the trimming process.


  • A cogged timing belt and pulley set positively drive the trimmer smoothly and without vibration.


  • The Giraud Carbide blade is standard with the trimmer.  It allows a 15 degree inside case mouth chamfer and 45 degree outside chamfer for smooth burr free seating of VLD style bullets.


  • Dedicated power switch to turn the unit off and on.  No more plugging and unplugging to use the trimmer.


  • Solid metal base to support the trimmer in both horizontal and vertical positions complete with screw mounted rubber mounting feet to prevent unnecessary marring of table tops and work surfaces.


  • Spring loaded case holder to prevent unintentional touching of cases with the rotating cutter blade in vertical position.


  • 50BMG available with special cutting blade and mounting head for thicker case wall, all on the same unit.  No need to purchase a separate trimmer for the big guy.


  • Interchangeable cutting heads available so you can set a specific caliber dimension then swap out head for another caliber with little to no adjustments required.

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