Harrell's Precision Custom 90 Culver Measure

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Harrell's Precision Custom 90 Culver Measure

Designed for varmint hunters and benchrest shooters. This measure has the same quality as Harrel's most expensive measure and meters just as accurate. A brass thumb screw holds the drop tube in place that is very easy to use. The baffle is now machined brass with a rubber o-ring design. The body is machined aluminum with a new nickel plated handle. The body is hard coat anodized with Teflon in it. This is an extremely hard durable finish that is wear proof. It's so hard sandpaper won't even scratch it. This measure has been proven, in independent scientific testing, to be as accurate as any measure ever produced. This is a quality measure, don't let the price fool you.

Throws: 6-90 grains