Hornady Large Primer Pocket Uniformer

$ 15.95

Hornady Large Primer Pocket Uniformer

A clean primer pocket with the same depth is critical to ensure a consistent ignition of the primer. The Hornady Large Primer Pocket Uniformer both cleans and cuts the bottom of the primer pocket producing a uniform depth. The cutting action also produces a square bottom for primers to seat fully.


  • Hornady's Large Primer Pocket Uniformer will uniform all standard Large Rifle and Large Pistol primer pockets. Large Pistol and Large Rifle primer pockets have the same diameter but different depths so this tool requires adjustment when changing from one rifle to pistol. If you don't feel comfortable adjusting the depth of the cutter, this isn't the tool for you.

  • The uniformer has 8-32 threads and is compatible with a wide variety of powered tool stations including the Hornady Case Prep Trio

  • The tool is preset for large rifle primer pockets but would need to be adjusted to uniform large pistol primer pockets.

  • Can also be used by hand in any handle with a female 8-32 thread

  • This tool does not remove military crimps