Impact F-Class Data Book


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Impact F-Class Data Book

Impact F-Class Data Book This book was designed to offer a premade book for the F-Class shooter. The index pages provide you with reference materials that work for F-Class shooting. The premade F-Class data book will give you a great off the shelf book that offers you everything you need to collect data on your weapon while shooting F-Class. 91/8" x 61/2". Black binders will have regular 80 weight executive stock paper or Tan binders will have Rite in the Rain(RNR) water resistant paper. This book is setup to follow the course of fire for NRA F-CLASS matches. It contains Index reference material that will help you when shooting F-Class matches along with note pages and round count pages. 30 double sided MR pages 30 double sided LR pages 23 double sided score cards

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