ISU Pulley Type Sling 40mm Lg (104)

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ISU Pulley Type Sling 40mm Lg (104)

This ISU pulley cuff rifle sling can be assembled to accommodate either right or left handed shooters with either an over (outside) the arm or under (inside) the arm access to the sling adjustment straps. In addition the cuff can be adjusted for length in one inch increments for a total of four inches.

The rifle sling assembly comes from the factory preassembled to the shortest cuff length adjustment and such that it will give a right handed shooter the over the arm configuration and a left handed shooter an under the arm configuration. To change these initial settings, remove the screw assemblies and switch the buckle and pulley straps on the cuff to the opposite sides for left vs. right handed or over vs. under the arm sling adjustment access.

Great for smallbore or air rifle competition. Legal for ISSF

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