Jensen's Deluxe 3.5 Cuff Lg LHS (224AL)

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Jensen's Deluxe 3.5 Cuff Lg LHS (224L)

Manufactured by Jensen & Sons, this top quality leather rifle sling has a 3.5 inch bias cut, fully adjustable arm cuff lined with a groove gripping rubber. The 40mm slings strap is self-centering on the cuff and is numbered for buckles adjustments. Also available with a 40mm cuff for ISSF shooting.

This self centering sling has been designed to provide even loading of the arm cuff on both sides without timely adjustments and repositioning of the cuff. With a properly fitting sling, the strap can move back and forth on the cuff strap and center itself without any repositioning by the shooter.

How to determine size:

Bare arm or with T shirt only, measure the arm diameter bent 90 deg. at the elbow and in the upper biceps area.

For all leather slings:

  • 11.5 inches dia. = size small
  • 12.5 inches dia. = size medium
  • 13.5 inches dia. = size large

For all synthetic slings:

  • 10.5 inches dia. = size small
  • 11.5 inches dia. = size medium
  • 12.5 inches dia. = size large

The slings are designed to account for the bulk of a heavy shooting jacket plus at least 1 sweat shirt underneath but DO NOT wear these items when measuring the arm.

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