Jim Owens Care Cleaning And Sportsmanship

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Jim Owens Care Cleaning And Sportsmanship

Care, Cleaning & Sportsmanship

Updated 2015 Edition Ebook

Ever wonder if you are cleaning your competition rifle correctly..?

Master Sergeant Jim Owens, with 20+ years of Marine Corps Shooting Team experiece, has written the definitive guide to rifle cleaning, and proper maintenance for the high power rifle competitor.

With particular attention to the Service Rifles (M16/AR-15, M14/M1A, M1 Garand), Jim gives you detailed instructions on how to clean your rifle the right way to maximize results and minimize unnecessary wear or tear. Learn all about twist rate, barrel life, and parts of the barrel. Brushing vs. Patches only. Questions and Answers with Boots Obermeyer, Jack Krieger, Charlie Milazzo and Mike Bykowski.