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K & M Case Neck Chamfering Tool (Controlled depth tapered reamers)

The K & M Case Neck Chamfering Tool is designed to cut a shallow angle chamfer on the inside of the case neck for smooth bullet seating while controlling the depth of cut with stop fingers that register on the case mouth. This ensures that each case has the same depth chamfer. This chamfer is much shallower than the abrupt chamfer that a standard chamfering tool produces. This shallower cut provides a smoother transition of the bullet into the case neck during the seating operation and avoids scratching the base of the bullet which can disturb accuracy significantly.


  • This tool is available in four sizes to fit a variety of cases from .17 caliber to .50 caliber cartridges.

  • Includes one chamfering tool with guides for depth control.

  • Depth control fingers makes sure that each cartridge has the same amount of chamfering to provide consistency from case to case.

  • Each tool features a guide pin that guides the reamer using the flash hole of the case to maintain the tool on the centerline of the case for an even cut.

  • The tool cuts chatter-lessly by means of a 6-flute cutting tool with the exception of the .17 caliber which is a 3-flute cutter.


  • Size your brass before using the tool to ensure that the case mouth inside diameter is consistent and perfectly round.

  • Loosen the thumb screw and use a small flat blade screwdriver to adjust the set screw in the handle to move the cutter within the tool body.

    It is best to start with the cutter set so it is not touching the case mouth and begin inching it forward with the set screw until you just make contact with the case mouth.

  • Now begin moving the cutter forward until the desired chamfer depth is attained. When you reach the desired depth tighten the thumb screw.

  • Typical cutter depth is .015" to .030"

  • The cutter is sharp so remove material gently until the stop fingers make contact with the case mouth. This usually takes only 2 to 3 revolutions between your thumb and finger.

  • Bullet will not seat smoothly with its base unharmed.


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