K&M Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer


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K&M Controlled Depth Tapered Reamer

K&M is proud to introduce an improvement to a long standing superb case mouth chamfering tool with a newly designed handle that provides improved depth stop fingers and a much needed set screw adjustment for precise cutter depth control. They still incorporate the same great cutter selection that uses a 4 degree taper per side that yields the finest case mouth chamfer for bullet seating for the competitive benchrest shooter and the demanding sportsman alike. The small tool uses a 3 flute cutter that chamfers cartridges from .17 caliber up to 6mm. The large tool uses a 6 flute cutter that chamfers cartridges from 6mm to .338 caliber.

Several years ago Bob Pease wrote in an article, "For years I have refused to use any of the conventional deburring tools on the market. The taper is far too abrupt to prepare the case mouth for the bullet to enter smoothly. This is a very critical point in the assembly of accurate cartridges. I once saw a big gun shooter pinch the nose of a hollow point bullet completely flat with a pair of pliers. It went right into his excellent ten shot group. Next he took a pocket knife and put a scratch on the heel of a bullet so small it could hardly be seen. That bullet went out of the group by over 1/2 inch. Later I demonstrated this on numerous occasions to other new shooters. One cannot emphasis enough the need for complete protection of the bullet heel and base."