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K&M Primer Pocket Correction Tool (Uniformer)

K&M's primer pocket correction tool uses a carbide cutter with a preset depth, ensuring you consistently square the primer pocket bottom. Uniforming the primer pocket depth ensures that each primer can be set to the same distance from the firing pin. Uniform ignition is a critical element to consistent pressures and velocities. Designed with a drive shank to be used with your cordless screwdriver and/or either of K&M's handles. This tool can be used each time the case is reloaded to remove carbon deposits left in the primer pocket.


  • Carbide cutter preset to the correct depth for primer pockets based on SAAMI specifications 
  • Large Rifle cutters are set to 0.131" 
  • Large Pistol cutters are set to 0.122" 
  • Small Rifle/small pistol cutters are set to 0.122" (small rifle and small pistol primer pockets are the same depth) 
  • Tool can be used in most drills or power screwdrivers. 
  • Not to be used on cases with crimped primers (mainly military cases). It can be used once the crimp has been removed. 
  • Can be used manually with an optional handle (order separately)

Tech Tip/Usage:

  • Hold case securely and insert cutter into primer pocket before applying power 
  • Cases can grab on cutter if not held securely. 
  • We suggest applying power gradually; excessive rpms are not necessary 
  • Apply pressure to case head with the integral stop until cutter stops cutting 
  • Clear cutter of chips frequently 
  • If cutter fails to make contact on initial use, your primer pockets are slightly deeper than normal. Repeated firings will cause brass to build up in that area so continue to use tool. 
  • Make sure you blow any debris out after uniforming
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