K&M Replacement Cutter For Flash Hole Uniformer


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K&M Replacement Cutter for Flash Hole Uniformer/Deburring Tool

This replacement cutter is designed for the K&M Flash Hole Uniformer Tool. Select either the 0.080" or 0.062" option from the drop down depending on your flash hole size. Most cartridges/cases have a standard 0.080" flash hole. Some cartridges such as the PPC series and some BR cases feature a 0.060" to 0.062" flash hole.


  • Tool steel cutter to be used with the K&M Flash Hole Uniformer/Deburring Tool
  • Threads on to the shaft of the owner's existing cutting tool

Tech Tip/Usage:

  • If you don't know what your flash hole size is, you can use a 1/16" or #52 drill bit to check a few flash holes. The 1/16" bit should either be tight on not be able to pass through the flash hole. If it slips through easily it is a 0.080" standard flash hole. A 5/64" drill bit is about 0.0781" and normally will fit through most standard flash holes. SAAMI specs shoot for 0.078" to 0.082" in diameter.
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