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Lite Leather Shooting Coat

The outer shell is made of high quality bovine leather. This design makes it an ideal coat for either NRA smallbore  or highpower  rifle shooting. We're sure you'll appreciate the traditional USA craftsmanship of our brand. We've been making competitive shooting coats since 1979 and really know our stuff! Our coats are worn by some of the top competitive shooters including, Dennis DeMille, Ty Cooper and David Tubb. Keep reading and you'll see why you want a Creedmoor on your back.

Why would you choose Creedmoor?

These are some of our design features that cannot be replicated by other manufacturers and set us a bar above the rest.

Shooting offhand in a Creedmoor lite shooting coat is imperitive for NRA smallbore shooting. Better scores prove it. Our superior design gives emphasis toward supporting the shooters standing position. Look at these shooting features contained in all our lite coats.

  • Raglan Sleeve for an all-important shoulder fit.
  • Large Spandex under-arm gussets permits unrestricted arm movement.
  • Strategically placed added padding creates "low pulse" effect when shooting with the sling on the arm.
  • A quick and easy-to-use sling harness is provided to maintain the sling's position on the arm.
  • One half inch padding protects the elbows.
  • Textured rubber elbow, body and sling/pulse pads provide slip resistant contact while shooting.
  • Contoured side-release nylon buckets with adjusting straps secures the coat around the body for maximum support.


We do not know how the sizing compares to other manufacturer because we're not like the others. Our design, as discussed above, is offered to you not as an addition to your shooting equipment. It's offered as the one item you must have at the range.

Made to order. May take 12-14 weeks to ship. 

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