M1 For Vets Project $5 Donation

$ 5.00
M1 For Vets Project began in November, 2005. The idea was to provide a returning veteran from the War on Terror with an M1 Garand, the main battle rifle for the U.S. military during WWII and Korea.
The first M2 was presented in 2005. Since then, they have presented over 100 rifles, and have ten more rifles being made ready. They have also made it possible for several of our recipients to attend the CMP National Matches at Camp Perry, Ohio, since 2006.
Donations range from $1 to an entire rifle. Any help is greatly appreciated.
The "M1 For Vets" Project is not affiliated with the CMP, NRA or any large firearms organization. It's just a small, grassroots group of shooters and collectors that want to show their appreciation and respect for our young men and women that are serving our Nation. Almost all M1 recipients have been combat wounded and want to continue to use the marksmanship skills they have acquired.
Click below to visit their website:
Creedmoor Sports considers this project worthy of any donations and wants to help.
We invite you to participate by ordering this $5 donation on your internet order. You can purchase as many $5 quantities as you wish.
Thank you for your consideration.
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